Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm at work.  I'm sorry for not responding to the questions you raised, and I can't spend time right now with your current email, but thank you for responding so fully. I meant to just briefly address the "confusing ethics with pure sciene" and got carried away.  Also I haven't yet had a chance to look at the Hubble images.
Interestingly enough, Mitch Hampton is working on a written piece about "scientism" right now.
His focus is "is experience real?" 
The whole thing is a little overstimulating! 
Actually, when you mention art, I think there is a strong relationship between the idea of autonomy in science, the market and art.  The autonomy of science is the idea that I am raising.  Or even more, the meaning of the idea of autonomy. 
Have you read woody allen's short story about a chess by mail game when the order of interchange starts to get confused?  It reminds me of what we're doing.
I think its about subjective versus objective concept of "truth".  The main point about Buddhism is that it's subjective, but using a subjective method to try to transcend subjectivity (ego); almost like trying to become aware of instinctive nature so as not to be ruled by it.
Do you know a way to copy emails into a word file?  I'm getting lost in all the emails.
Anyway, can't respond today, I got very excited last night about a new article about mental illness.

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