Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buddhism is the opposite of narcissism.  This entry has no concept of what buddhism is about.  There is NOTHING comforting about buddhism.  Buddism is realism and humility. Buddhism is just as much about truth as science is, but unlike science, Buddhism doesn't exclude things from the field of inquiry, or pretend to be objective or value free, when there is no such thing.

Have you read Thomas Kuhn?  About paradigms? He make it very clear that there is no such thing as objectivity, and that all knowledge systems filter out what conflicts with their ideology.

Every knowledge system is ideological and reductionist, including science.  

Buddhism is the opposite of feeling that that we are the raison d'etre of the universe.  Buddhism is a stance of interconnectivity, transcience, not priveleging the human species or any individual. The idea of the separate self (such as the migrating baseline) is what Buddhism questions.  There is nothing that science has come up with that conflicts with buddhist principles, as far as I know (which is little). Indeed, it seems to me that science is discovering buddhist principals as it goes. such as complexity and systems.  

why are you so hostile towards buddhist ideas?  What is it that you think needs to be demolished?
I totally don't understand what you find so threatening about it.
what is it that most bothers you?
It's weird to me, because science so obviously has massive destructive impacts, including all the devastastation that concerns you.  what is the destructive impact of buddhism?

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