Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I wanted to write you an email before reading your reactions to my emotional and impulsive emails written last night.  I really want to explore these things without being combative about it.  I apologize for being aggressive, and also I realized it wasn't appropriate for me to bring up the market thing.
I have trouble holding my own with you on these matters, so I overcompensate. 
I would like to understand the way our world views conflict or even are mutually negating.
But I don't want to be getting angry or provoking you to anger and setting off a chain reaction as keeps happening.  This is the third time we've entered into this pattern, which arises with me reading something you've written, and reacting to it, etc.  and we get more and more polarized.
So I'm going to read your emails, but just want you to know that I regret overreacting last night.

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