Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I feel as though when I question your ideas you get pissed off or hurt.
I need to respond because you are putting out very powerful arguments for ethical positions I disagree with.  
Further, I find your own arguments to be paradoxical and conflicted in a way I have yet to be able to clarify to myself or articulate.  I have been trying to do this, and I feel that we have differences that relate to buddhist principals, especially concerning individualism, determinism, dichotomizing/purifying, etc. By the way, I am not a buddhist, I am interested in the method of inquiry of buddism.
I know you mean to be provocative, and you are provocative.

If you send me your ideas you should also be willing to consider my ideas. I'm not a passive receptacle for other people's ideas.  If your ideas are worth thinking about, mine are too. There's a way that when you respond to me you don't seem to actually entertain what I'm saying.  It feels like you just block it out.  You don't even respond to the problems of human psychology or how we represent things.

I am starting to feel more affirmative about my own ideas, as though I were waking up.  I don't care whether I have a good memory or not.
I do very much appreciate your providing me with good information and sources, like jeremey and kevin anderson.  I also appreciate much of what you observe and synthesize, your rhetorical capabilities, and creative expression, writing, emotional/visionary expression, etc. .  I was thinking you could have a youtube channel called The Weather Report.
But, as you said, it comes down to ethics, i.e. spiritual values, not facts.  
It comes down to what you choose to make of the facts.
The ideas you put forth create a situation of either/or.  I don't accept that either/or.
Also, I cannot buy into hopelessness.  If I can change, or you can change, anything can.

I am planning to do interviews with people concerning collapse! Should be interesting, and I hope you will consent to an interview...  I just feel like I have to start doing some kind of inquiry type work or social engagement so it's not all bouncing around inside my skull. I'm most interested in the psychology of it.

I meant "I hope you don't experience this as hostile" because the previous two time it seemed to become hostile.  You know that I have great respect for your intellect, knowledge, creativity  and expressive, rhetorical capabilities.

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