Sunday, April 8, 2012


Less government.
Less business.
Less wealth.
Less power.

Less roads.
Less buildings.
Less food.
Less people.

Less is coming.
Less is already here.
Less is licking our ankles.
Less is rising up to meet us.

How fast should we be going when we hit it?
Some say if we go faster, we won't hit it.
Some say there's nothing to hit.
Do you believe them?

Humans will exist for a while yet.
How much should they suffer?
Future generations.
Your children.

Should they pick through the rubble?
Should they eat slime?
Should they die like ants?
Is that what you want?

Here in the empire, it's a soft life.
It's easy to forget the Holocaust.
It could be like that again.
It could be sooner than you think.

Less can no longer be avoided.
Less could be gradual, or sudden.
Less will hurt, either way.
Sudden will break more bones.

You could admit you were wrong.
You could apologize to your children.
You could slow down.
You could fasten your seat belt.


Alex Beston said...

o I love it!

Fuck you said...
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Unknown said...

This is all I want for life.

Addicted heroin said...

Are you a member of the Euthanasia Church?