Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hi Chris,
Happy birthday!
Sorry not to hold up my end.
But I did look at a whole bunch of Hubble images when I was in Vermont three weeks ago.  Sorry about not posting, after the intense engagement I felt overwhelmed by all the ideas.

Here's my reaction:
I was thinking, "What is it I'm supposed to be getting out of this?  Why is it supposed to changed my sense of things?" They are spectacular shots of nature, exotic images.  Some of them look as if they could be things seen under a microscope -- I have no sense of the scale when I look at them.  They are images I realized that I can't see with my naked eye.  They didn't have any apparent emotional or philosophical impact on me.

Can you explain to me to me what Hubble and Hubble images signifies to you and or it has such an impact on you?  I don't get it.

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